Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thurs Evening - Caballo State Park

Drove to Caballo State Park in New Mexico. Melissa drove through El Paso - YEH!!!! We stopped by 3pm - decided to take an extra day cause its supposed to warm up some tomorrow. We'll miss the balloons flying Friday morning but will see the dancing around the bonfire. They said they will dance if its not windy. We didn't hook up the water hose tonight so maybe tomorrow we can leave before 10am. This morning the water hose was frozen solid and we couldn't get it unhooked from the faucet and when we did, it was full of ice. We took it into the shower and stuck it under the hot water. Worked like a charm - at least something had a hot shower.

Last night we walked over to a nearby restaurant and met up outside with a couple whe were staying at the same RV park. They are fulltimers and heading to Florida from Albuquerque. Its always fun to compare to compare notes with other RVers.

Sassy and Buddy are getting along fine with Annie. Right now Sassy and Annie are on the sofa while Melissa is outside smoking. I don't imagine she'll be very long - its 40 degrees outside and cooling fast.


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