Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday 12/3/06 Grants, New Mexico

First time we've been able to get on line since Caballo State Park. Got to Gallup Friday afternoon, had dinner and watched the dancing around the bonfire. The Apache Crown Dancers were there this year. Saturday morning we were out early and started walking amongst the balloons. Ended up volunteering for Pondemonium. We helped inflate and then both of us got to ride together. So much fun and Melissa loved it, I think she's hooked. Afterward we did the traditional champagne thing and Melissa got christened by the pilot, Al, on her head. Lucky it was winter or they would have poured it all over her. We then drove into Gallup and had lunch at Earl's and drove to the Zuni pueblo but the museum was closed. Back to the RV and to bed. Can't get TV, think there's something wrong with the dish.

Sunday we crewed and chased - no ride. Al and Dawnna go to Gallup every year so if we return, we're assured of a ride. After crewing Melissa went for a hike and I stayed in the RV. Drove to Grants, went to Walmart to see what happened to the pictures I took in the balloon and of the champagne party - they seem to be gone - DAMN!!! Got pizza and went to bed. Right now its 13 degrees here. Brrrrr.


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