Monday, March 30, 2009

Silver City, New Mexico

Got here yesterday about 4:30 Mountain time, after the drive from hell. I had really bad wind all the way from Kerrville. There were times I had to slow down to 45 mph to keep from getting blown off the road. The drive to Fort Stockton is usually about four hours and it took me almost six including a couple of stops to walk the dogs, eat lunch and take a half hour nap. I'm going to need to get some seasick pills if this wind keeps up. The dogs keep looking at me as if to say, "Stop rocking the rig."

My site here is an end site, which I like and close to one of the two pet walks. Its still so windy I'm not putting out any of my outside stuff. I only hooked up the electric and water yesterday; need to do the sewer hose today. I have three water hoses and two of them had leaks. Had a repair thingy but it was the wrong size. Grrrrrr! They're going to put up a cedar fence on the road side of the site so will have nice privacy. The only people here right now seem to be their monthlies or long termers. They're giving me a couple of days to settle in and I start on the 1st. How appropriate - April Fool's Day.


Blogger Cedar ... said...

Nice to have an end site, at least a little privacy that way. Looking forward to hearing more about it after you start....

5:23 PM  

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