Tuesday, April 07, 2009

All settled in

Today was really nice, sunny and no wind. They've finished part of my fence so I have some nice privacy and can get my bird feeders put up. I've got all the chairs out and the wine is cooling for Beth and Sparkle to arrive Sunday. The owners, Jackie and Jim, are really nice and keep saying how glad they are to have me. My back is still killing me but that's what I get for sitting around all winter doing nothing. I'm still feeling the altitude but that will be okay after some time. I'm having trouble actually getting in my three hours a day since its still the slow season but Jackie and Jim are really nice about it. The flamingos are all out and they do make people stop and talk to me and they ask about my RV Women flag. I do love the hours - no early mornings.

They have a big fenced area for the dogs with some agility equipment which my dogs want NO PART of. There are so many good smells they won't even play ball. I tried - I threw the ball and I went to get the ball. After doing this several times I decided I didn't want to play ball anyway.


Blogger Cedar ... said...

Looks like home! The fence makes a nice privacy barrier. I think campgrounds are the friendliest places but sometime you will want to just sit outside without having to be visiting or waving to people.

3:31 AM  
Blogger SunshinecruiserTN said...

Oh it looks so nice. I know you are gonna love it and what a great place to entertain.

The sunset view was awesome.

11:15 AM  

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