Friday, April 25, 2008


Woke up this morning to about an inch of some kind of white stuff on the ground. Will hunker down until it all goes away. I'm warm and cozy inside and have some good movies with me and a good book. My kind of day. Weather report says it will be warm and sunny Sunday so that's probably when I'll leave. The park kind of filled up last night with people trying to get out of the weather, I guess. The people next to me just pulled out. Wouldn't catch me driving in this stuff. Don't want to do a Sparkle! The dogs aren't too sure about the snow. Sassy hates to get her feet wet but the snow confuses her. Threw a snowball for Buddy and he tried to grab it then gave me a dirty look that there wasn't anything to grab and it was cold. They're both curled up on the bed. Think I'll join them.


Blogger Cedar said...

ahhh,... cozy, movies, books,... what more can a person want when it's snowy outside? I'm glad you are staying put!
- Cedar

4:28 AM  

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