Saturday, May 24, 2008

Feeling Housebound!

I keep harping on the weather but that is all there is to write about. We've had one thunderstorm after another and rain and more rain. I'm starting to get bored cause I can't get out and do anything. The dogs don't seem to mind - they just stay on the bed. Soooooo, I'm doing what I usually do when I get bored - paint. I've always disliked the orangey color of all the wood in my rig so started painting the bathroom sink cupboard a nice taupe. Was always hesitant to paint because of "resale" but finally decided this is my home and I'll do what I like! I really like the color so will do a little at a time until the orange is gone. May take all summer but there's not much else to do around here. I got my application from Kerrville Schreiner park and mailed it back the same day. Staying there a couple of months will save me more money. My reservation for Guadalupe isn't until November 1st.


Blogger Cedar said...

Nice paint job. Really lightens up the bathroom. Has the weather improved since you posted this? I check your blog every a.m. before I leave for work!

3:19 AM  

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