Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost Springs - Population One

Took off this morning to go to Lost Springs, population one. Never realized how much coal Wyoming produces. There are a lot of coal trains that seem to go on forever.

Got to Lost Springs after about a 45 minute drive through no scenery whatsoever. The Post Office/Antique store was open but the bar was closed. Asked if she might open today and the man at the store said he doubted it. Asked him if there was a cemetary and he directed me about eight miles down Big Muddy Road (yes, that's the actual name) which was a gravel road. After about five miles I turned down a dirt road out in the middle of no where with not even a house around. I finally gave up and turned around without ever finding the cemetary. I was afraid it might rain since there was a really big black cloud moving towards me and I don't think my poor Saturn would handle a muddy, dirt road.


Blogger Cedar ... said...

probably a good decision,... must have gotten it's name somehow,... ole Big Muddy!

6:27 AM  

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