Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heading Home

Okay, left Douglas yesterday morning at 8:15. Had seen three groups of geese flying south so I figured they knew something I didn't so it was time for me to do the same. So anxious to leave almost drove off with my electric still plugged in. Great drive, no wind. Was only going to drive a couple of hundred miles. Well I got to Chadron at 11:30. Way too early to stop so onwards. The road kept going on and on and on and on. Finally found a place to pull over for a sandwich in some little town (never did see the name). Hit the road again. And drove and drove. Same complaint I had on the way up - apparently Nebraska sees no need for ANY pullovers. This time I was careful not to drink a lot of liquid while driving. After six and a half hours made Valentine, the Wacky West RV Park. If you remember it from my trip to Douglas, its the one with the cattle auction behind it. Winter was okay. Summer is a tad smelly and there seem to be a few flies around, Duh! I'm back on Central Time so my clock has caught up with my TV. Going to watch NCIS if I can stay awake long enough. Got caught in a "vehicle" check in some town just inside Nebraska. The officer asked for my registration - all I could find was my insurance card. Finally he asked me if the sticker on my window was my registration. Yeppers. No one has EVER asked me for it before. He asked me to honk the horn and turn on my windshield wipers which I did along with the sprayer so he got a little wet. Sassy had her head out the window during the entire encounter trying to lick him - he kept stepping back. Don't understand why. He finally waved us on with a look of relief on his face. I'm sure he's thinking, "My God and she's driving a 30' RV and towing".

So much for going to bed early. We had quite a thunder and lightening storm. Sassy is really afraid of them and wants under the covers where she pants so hard it shakes the whole bed. Believe me, you're not going to sleep until the storm passes.

Some glimpses of Nebraska: Rolling green hills. Some tinged with yellow from all the little sunflowers everywhere especially along side the roads. Small group of cows raise their heads and point their faces towards me watching me go by. A group of about six horses up to their bellies in sunflowers in the middle of a field. Lots and lots of small ponds reflecting the clouds with groups of ducks swimming placidly along. Don't see any ranch houses; only the gates over the driveway with signs telling you the name of the ranch. Miles of sandhills covered with grass. Never would of thought of Nebraska and sandhills in the same sentence.

Stopped in North Platte early - only drove about 3 hours. Wanted to go Christmas shopping at the Harley Davidson store next to the RV park in North Platte. Also, ordered a Domino's pizze for lunch. They deliver to the park and I haven't had one since I left Kerrville. Can anyone say "withdrawal symptoms?"

Sassy snoozing on the sofa, Buddy snoozing on the bed, making up for loss of sleep last night. Gonna go join them.


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