Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally Arrived

Since I have to take my computer up to the office to get on the internet this is the first time I've blogged since I left Kerrville.

Stopped two nights on the road; Van Horn KOA (their prices have gone up) and Clint, TX. Had a huge thunderstorm at Clint. Tranqualized Sassy and unplugged the RV just in case the park got hit. Have never seen such huge bolts of lightening before and it seemed to last forever. Had wind almost constantly from Kerrville to Las Cruces.

Got to Desert Haven and got the RV set up and met a few of the volunteers and workers. Helped feed that evening so I could get to know the critters. The facilities are juryrigged but really nice for the animals and kept really, really clean. Also helped Monday morning cause one of the local volunteers was ill but Tuesday is my official first day.

The weather has cleared up and its 80 right now with a cool breeze and the nights are in the low 50's and its NOT HUMID!!!!!!! LOVE New Mexico.

Drove into TorC (Truth or Consequences) - not much there. Next year they're supposed to get a Walmart.

Will Post pictures next time.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ready to hit the road!!!

Getting ready to head for New Mexico. Going to workamp at Desert Haven Humane Society for May and June for a free site. Its been raining so much here that I'm hoping New Mexico will be drier.

Stay tuned.