Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casper, Wyoming

Decided to drive into Casper today, about 45 miles away. Its really brown, rolling hills but there are some mountains off to the side that still had snow on them. We might get snow tomorrow altho its 70 degrees right now. I think I'm falling in love with my Golly Garmin. It took me right to the RV store and then to a shopping mall without me having to even look at a map. Gives me plenty of warning when I'm going to have to turn and which way so I don't have to wonder if I'm in the proper lane. Construction, however, does confuse it. Yesterday in Douglas it was directing me to what turned out to be a closed down bridge. I made a U-turn and it kept "recalculating" and trying to make me turn around and go back to the bridge. I finally got far enough away that it "recalculated" a different route. At least it gives me something to yell at - keeps me from getting bored.

I've put out my RVing Women flag and my welcome bear. Will probably move down a couple of sites when the people leave. Has a tree and more room so I can park my car in front instead of in the site.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally I'm in Douglas

Left Chadron by 10am. Was a pretty easy drive - no wind! Drove thru a hilly section of Nebraska. Was pretty - really rolling hills with cliffs rising up in areas. Actually drove by a herd of buffalo. Actually stopped in the road to take picture - no traffic at all. There was an area with lots of fallen trees. Couldn't tell why, didn't look like a fire. Finally crossed into Wyoming. The difference between Nebraska and Wyoming? Roads are a lot rougher and don't have shoulders and its browner. Started flattening out as I approached Douglas. There is a small mountain range off in the distance. Everyone I've met at the park so far are really nice. Will be working three days and off four. Sites are kinda small but that's typical of KOA's.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wind, wind, wind!!!!!!!!

Left Valentine at 11am. Waited until I was absolutely sure the roads and bridges wouldn't be icy. Only had 138 mile drive but it seemed like it took forever even tho I arrived an hour earlier because I crossed into Mountain time. There was a constant wind with BIG gusts the entire drive. I kept having to slow down to keep from being blown either off the road or into the oncoming traffic lane. Maybe if I open both windows the wind will blow through and not hit the big solid wall of my RV. I'm more tired than after a much longer drive with no wind. Weather report says the wind is supposed to die down tomorrow - sure hope they're right.

The drive was a lot more hilly than I thought it would be. As you can see from the picture there was a several mile long section of the road that was red. Highway 20 is as lonesome as Hwy 83 - my kind of driving. Funny little towns with populations of 13, 68, 99, etc. There was one town of 117 people that had big storage units for rent. I guess no matter where we are, we have to have our stuff.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Very Loud Alarm Whistle

Okay, I'm sitting here rocking and rolling in the RV from the wind. Its a good thing I don't get seasick. Then this really loud alarm goes off. My weather radio has said nothing about tornadoes or anything but I call the office to be sure. After they stop laughing they tell me that was the noon whistle that goes off every Saturday at noon. I correct the time on my clock and my heart slows down. Wish the weather was better cause the one thing this park has is a paved 5' wide, trail that apparently goes on for miles. Would be wonderful to ride my bike. Its way too cold and windy to ride and besides the bike has a million bungee cords holding it to my ladder. Am attaching a photo of the Wacky West RV park I'm in. Pretty barren and muddy right now but the sites, or at least the one I'm in, are level. After a couple of days you don't really notice the smell from the cattle auction behind the park. They charge $24 plus $2.?? for electric and plus tax which means about $27 a night. Have never run across the added electric fee before and the rate seems kind of high BUT it sure beats driving in the bad weather. Sure wouldn't stay here in hot weather - bet the flies from the cattle are horrible let alone the smell in the heat. The weather is supposed to get warmer and less windy tomorrow so will head for Chadron, NE my last stop before Douglas.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Woke up this morning to about an inch of some kind of white stuff on the ground. Will hunker down until it all goes away. I'm warm and cozy inside and have some good movies with me and a good book. My kind of day. Weather report says it will be warm and sunny Sunday so that's probably when I'll leave. The park kind of filled up last night with people trying to get out of the weather, I guess. The people next to me just pulled out. Wouldn't catch me driving in this stuff. Don't want to do a Sparkle! The dogs aren't too sure about the snow. Sassy hates to get her feet wet but the snow confuses her. Threw a snowball for Buddy and he tried to grab it then gave me a dirty look that there wasn't anything to grab and it was cold. They're both curled up on the bed. Think I'll join them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking at the Past

Left North Platte, NE about 9am. It was sunny with some clouds and no wind. Drove through the sandhills area - really fascinating. Need to see where all the sandhills came from. Would go miles and miles without seeing another car or house. My imagination started seeing a small Indian hunting party riding over the crest of the far hill, riding towards the small group of teepees nestled in the trees near the little stream. Then reality snapped me back to the real world. The wind had kicked up, it was beginning to mist and then I hit fog. Thankfully I was only about 8 miles from Valentine where I was planning on staying at the Valentine Motel/RV park. I stopped for gas ($3.57) out in the middle of nowhere. While there I telephoned the motel and finally got through only to find out they had a fire and weren't open. They told me about the Wacky West Passport American park across the street. As you can see from the pictures, its no resort but the sites are level. There is a cattle auction directly behind the park and you can hear the loudspeaker quite well. The dogs LOVE the aroma - I'm keeping the windows shut. Right now it 44 degrees outside and they're saying we might get snow/rain tonight. I plan on staying here till the sun shines which might not be until Sunday. Well, gonna go take a nap with the dogs.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stormy Weather

I'm still in North Platte, Nebraska. Loafed around, read, napped all day. It was cloudy most of the day then a thunderstorm rolled in around six o'clock. If that's the best Nebraska can do for a thunderstorm, Texas has them beat. Tomorrow I'm going to head out in the morning probably to Valentine, Nebraska. The weather is kind of iffy going north so am not sure when I'll actually head to Douglas. Am posting a silly picture of Kaitlyn she left on my camera before I left. Cute isn't she?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

North Platte, Nebraska

Took quite a bit of maneuvering but finally managed to get out of the RV park in Scott City. Had to break off some branches on the big bushes on the driver's side (Note to self: Get trimmer to take with) and barely missed the telephone pole on the passenger side as the back end of my rig swung wide as I turned out of the site. Never did hook up to water or sewer since by the time I got far enough into the site to get the Saturn almost off the driveway, the hookups were by the car NOT the RV. Stopped to get gas out in the middle of nowhere (Rexford, KS) and paid $3.57 a gallon. Walked the dogs and forgot to go to the bathroom. BIG MISTAKE!! I thought Kansas was bare of reststops but Nebraska is even worse. Finally found a wide enough spot in the road to pull over and pee. Kind of pretty country - pretty brown except for the quilt-like patches where they irrigate. More cows. The dogs love the great smells - I keep closing the window. Nebraska is more undulating than Kansas - the roads go up and down and up and down these rolling hills. I would go miles without seeing another car or even semi. Am learning to LOVE my Garmin GPS. It shows me every turn in the road and tells me ahead of time where to turn and which way so no guessing which lane I need to be in going thru towns. Got to North Platte, Nebraska about 2:30 pm and into a really nice RV park. I have an end side with a nice grassy yard for the dogs. Think I'll settle in for a few days and make sure the weather is good before heading to Douglas. Will proably try to make it all the way to Douglas from here. Walked over to a nice restaurant and treated myself to a great prime rib. Now I know why they raise all these cows. Have fast internet and TV so I'm in heaven.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't People Pee In Kansas?

No pictures today - there is nothing to take a picture of between Texas and Scott City, Kansas except cows or cows or cows. This means that so far, Kansas has a distinct aroma. Checked into a little family owned park in Scott City. Grass/dirt sites that are far from level and pretty small. Not sure if I'm going to get out in the morning. Did not see one reststop or pullover between Texas and here which is about 275 miles. You're in big trouble if you need to pee while driving thru Kansas. Sure was glad to see a gas station and so were the dogs. Thank God for small towns with closed businesses, usually gas stations, that you can pull into. I paid $3.45 for gas in Ballinger, Texas. It was "only" $3.39 in Wellington, Texas and $3.56 in Sublett, Kansas. The other thing Kansas lacks is passing lanes but it does have its fair share of semis all of which want by me as I'm tooling along at 50 or 55mph. Again, had wind almost the entire trip. The weather has been great - sun all the way and so far, not too cold at night. Was thinking about staying two nights and resting up before heading out again but I think I will move on tomorrow. The owners here have a big dog that is tied up and he starts barking the minute we step outside which sets my dogs off. Am going to make it a short day tomorrow, tho.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Road - Headed North

Left Kerrville about 9:15 am. I think even the dogs are happy to get back on the road. Had a side wind all 374 miles of the trip. The only thing that changed was the side it was hitting me on. This is my first trip using my Garmin GPS. I love that it tells me which lane to stay in when going thru a town or when one freeway veers off from another. Also tells me what time I'll arrive at my destination . Still won't completely trust it in town but on the highway, its great. Drove US 83 the entire trip so far except for about 50 miles on I-10. You can see from the photo there isn't much to see. I would go miles and miles without seeing anyone else. Its a great road - don't know why more people don't use it. Stopped in Painted Rock, Texas to take a picture of their great courthouse and the closed business right across the street. The last photo is at the Wellington City Park. They have three full hookups and its free. I'm going to eat and go to bed. I drove about 7 hours and I'm pooped.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Ready to Leave

Starting to pack things up getting ready to leave Sunday. I'm watching the weather closely especially after Sparkle's spinout. I should be okay thru Kansas and if I see the weather getting icy or snowy in Nebraska, I'll stay at the campground in Oakley, Kansas for a few days.

I've really enjoyed living in an RV park - No yard to take care of, no barking dogs all night, plenty of room to walk the dogs and ride my bike. The dogs (and me, too) are actually getting more exercise than when I was in the house. Haven't used the indoor pool as much as I thought I would but have enjoyed it the few times I have. The park is really emptying out - all the winter Texans going home. I'm not the only one who gets the hell out of Texas in the summer.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finally Fulltiming

Finally did it. Rented the house for a year and moved into the rig. Am currently at Guadalupe RV park here in Kerrville until I leave for Douglas Wyoming. Have to say I'm really enjoying the easy lifestyle of living in a park - no yard and minimal cleaning. I'm walking the dogs down to the river every morning, riding my bike and swimming in the indoor, heated pool. Tough life, huh? Had an ant problem - called the office and they came and sprayed. So far, its cheaper than living in my house.