Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is Spring?

Woke up this morning to snow coming down. It had started raining last night then turned to snow. The poor Flamingos are wondering when I'm going to go some place warm.

Started to take all the dogs out for a quick potty. Sassy jumped right out even tho she really doesn't like getting her feet wet or cold. Buddy, as usual, came right out. Nothing slows him down. Then I turn around and see Sophie still inside the rig and NOT wanting to come outside. Great!! Now I have TWO dogs who don't like getting their little paws wet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Sophie

A few days ago I saw two little dogs running loose by my rig, heading towards the busy highway. I went outside and called them and one came right to me, sat down in front of me and giving me "a look." The other little guy ran off and I found out later, got ran over and killed on the highway. I walked all over trying to find out where the little girl came from. Eventually called all the vets to see if they recognized her, called the pound and the humane society. Our pound is a kill shelter and the humane society has a big waiting list so long story short - I named her Sophie and introduced her to my two guys with Melissa's help. They all get along really well and they ALL sleep with me. Had my vet check her for a chip = NO and of course, she wasn't fixed. She has an appointment Wednesday to get her shots and fixed. She just sort of fit right in and loves people and other dogs. She's housebroken, good on a leash and doesn't bark. Really don't understand why no one is looking for her. She is one of the most lovable dogs I've ever met. She also has a heart on her side. Guess it was met to be.