Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally home and settled

Finally home and settled into a new site, #174. Much prettier and at the other end away from the ice house and their trucks.

Spent a week in Deming with Marlene. Met another lady RVer, Sherry. Loved using the nice warm indoor pool but defeated all the exercise cause the three of us kept eating out. Spent Sunday night in Van Horn and Sherry joined me. Was going to spend the next night boondocking at a reststop but when I stopped it was only around 2pm and it was HUMID and I needed AC so kept driving on to Kerrville. Got there about 4:30 and spent the night in my old site #184. Had forgotten how noisy the ice trucks were. Melissa came over Tuesday and we took the RV to get its safety inspection then moved into site #174 at the other end of the park. Much prettier site with three small Crape Myrtle trees. Everything is so green because of all the rain and its HUMID as hell.

Yesterday Nancy (Birdie) drove out from San Antonio to look at a rig for sale here in Kerrville. Nice used rig with low mileage. We had lunch at El Charro then browsed the new Tuesday morning store. She's going to bring her rig up maybe Friday and stay a couple of days. Its always nice to have company from the forum.

They finally heated the indoor pool and I've been swimming. Trying to keep the weight off that I lost while I was in Silver City.