Friday, September 21, 2007

Survived First Week Workamping

Well, I survived my first week workamping without my brain exploding with so much new information. Everyone here is so nice and I really like Las Cruces. Leah has the patience of a saint, never gets annoyed at having to keep repeating things. It seems so strange to have access to more shopping than just Walmart. Drove into Old Mesilla today. What an interesting little area; reminded me a lot of Santa Fe -lots of tourtisy shops selling some Indian stuff and a lot of junky stuff. I had lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant but I do miss my Jalisco style - here its all "green" or "red" sauce.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

On the road again

Left Kerrville Friday morning and drove all the way to Exit 144 just outside Van Horn. Stopped for lunch for about half an hour and then again around 2pm for a nap. Other than that was on the road for nine hours - too long but made for a short drive on Saturday. Very little wind - thank God and it was surprising how green everything still is from all the rain this year. Got stuck in traffic about 60 miles from Van Horn. Both westbound lanes completely stopped for about 30 minutes. Turned out a van had caught fire and pulled off into the grass and that caught fire as well. The van was a total loss but no one seemed to have been hurt. Spent the nite boondocking at Exit 144 - must me and the semis. Slept like a log and didn't even hear the trucks coming and going all night. The only thing that woke me was another RVer pulled in behind and was messing with his lights and emergency flashers - the lights flashing woke me up. He didn't stay long tho and I went right back to sleep. Love not spending $25 at an RV park just to sleep.

Left about 8:30am and drove thru El Paso about 10:30 (they're on Mountain time), not too much traffic and few semis. Got to Las Cruces about 11:30am. Nice, clean park on a hill overlooking Las Cruces. They put me in a backin site with no one behind me and a cement patio - really nice. Met Chris and her husband and Leah brought me my medicine that had arrived already. Was told there would be another solo woman camper arriving soon. Got the RV all set up, took a nap and went for a swim - the pool is nice and warm. Right now the park is pretty empty and its the weekend so I'm guessing things are on the slow side during the winter which is okay by me.