Monday, May 28, 2007

Almost Home

Well I'm almost home. Spent last night at exit 144. Went to sleep early and slept in till 7am. Left around 9am, stopped for lunch and a short nap then hit the road again. Its been sunny and getting more humid the further I drive. Tonight I'm at a rest stop at Exit 394. Dumped and am using their wifi. The one really good thing about traveling in Texas is the free wifi at rest stops. Tomorrow I only have 114 miles to go so I'll get home fairly early. Its only about two more hours down the road but its getting windy and I'm tired. Well, this is it for this trip which ended too soon.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Getting hotter (but DRY)

We've gone to working half days on Tuesdays to avoid the heat. Altho its getting warmer (high 80's) the nights are still cool enough to just open the windows in the RV. We've had a couple of great thunder storms with lightening in the afternoons but very little rain. I'm posting a photo of Susie Q. She was rescued from the local pound just before she was to be put to sleep. She's a little sweetheart and clings to your side given the opportunity. The other photo is of Maxwell who is basically a big puppy. He LOVES to play ball and will fetch for hours if you'll keep throwing. We've also acquired a lab mix puppy that someone threw over the fence at the thrift shop. I guess that's better than throwing it on the street somewhere. I'm mostly reading and napping - haven't done much sightseeing cause there's not a whole lot to see around here. There are some ghost towns but involve way too much walking for me. Well its time to do the PM feeding.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Great Weather

Had a great rain storm with thunder and lightening last night so everything was cool and crisp. We started the summer program of only working half days on Tuesdays to be done before it gets too hot. We had our Tuesday potluck (I'm not losing any weight) had the Red Hat ladies tour the facility and join us for lunch. The commented on how clean the facility is - we all work hard at keeping it that way. Right now I'm sitting up on the porch using the internet. Its quiet because all the dogs are eating (except for the peacock yelling). Its a beautiful day, sunny and probably warm later. As you can tell there's not much going on. I may go to town to the Geronimo Museum today.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day in TorC

Here I am again in the local coffee shop using the internet. This place appears to be the local hangout for the artist/odd people community of TorC which seems to have a large population of them. They have a large group of "peace marchers" who hang out near Main street with their peace signs. They all go crazy when I drive by in the Bug, yelling and giving me the peace sign.

Last night we got a watermelon and a bunch of us sat around and ate it and enjoyed the stars. Had some thunder off in the distance but no rain. Am going to try and post a couple of photos our some of the residents of Desert Haven.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

End of the Rainbow

Well, I'm in TorC at a coffee shop so I can get on the internet which turns out to be impossible at Desert Haven. We've had afternoon sprinkles and some thunderstorms with the most beautiful rainbows.

We've had two dogs go to new homes but that still leaves us with 12. Its a lot more physical work that I thought and I'm not sure if I can make the entire two months but I am getting tan. We have about 25 cats, 4 pens with chickens and roosters, a pen with doves, a pen with guina pigs (lots) and a peacock (Russell) and peahen.

Not much to write about, just work, walk my dogs and nap and read. This job will either kill me or get me in shape.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Working hard

Haven't been blogging much cause I have to drag my computer up to the office to get wifi. We're working on trying to get a signal booster put in. The wind has been blowing constantly since I got here. Its a good thing I don't get seasick cause the back end of my RV really rocks and rolls when its really windy. The work here consists of feeding, watering, walking and cleaning up after the dogs, cats, chickens, etc. They've done good things with little money (all donations) and reusing anything they can. All of the animals are well cared for and the staff here spends as much time petting and loving on them as cleaning up. I worked Friday in their thrift shop in TorC then did some laundry. The town of TorC isn't much to talk about and nothing really interesting to do. I do want to go to the Geronimo museum soon. The people, both the other volunteers and the permanent staff are really nice. They also have a pet cemetary here, Rainbow Bridge.

Several of us sat around outside after work one day and I got this photo of the sunset. The area we're in is basically flat desert with the Caballo Mountains surrounding us. We're about 10 miles outside of town so at night you can see the lights of TorC off in the distance. The weather has been great - high 80's during the day with a constant wind and in the mid 50's at night.