Saturday, December 05, 2009

Winter has Arrived

Winter has finally arrived here in Texas - got into the 20's last night. Actually had ice on the INSIDE of the bedroom windows - yeah I keep it cold inside at night cause I have two heaters that sleep with me under the covers. I NEVER get cold. Traded in the Saturn for a RED Chevrolet Cobalt. Still a four-door sedan but looks sportier and is 5 years newer.

Did Thanksgiving at Melissa's and made a big pot of soup with the carcass.

Am starting to get ready for my Florida trip in January - going to Ocala to meet up with some of the ladies from the women's RVing forum. Carole is coming with me and we're meeting up with Diana (Mtngirl) in Palestine, Texas and will caravan the rest of the way.

Have decided to go back to Silver City New Mexico and work for the summer. I love the hours and the owners are really nice. Will go there right after spending a week in Port Lavaca boondocking on the beach with Beth and Sparkle. Carole hasn't decided whether or not she's coming with me yet.

I've put out a bird feeder and they're eating me out of house and home. Keep trying to get pictures of the sparrows but the minute they see movement in the RV they fly off. Did get a bunch of redwing blackbirds and a couple of beautiful Cardinals. One of the cardinals keeps perching on my neighbor's truck and talking to himself in the window. He preens and chatters - its so cute.