Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mississippi River

Finally got around to downloading the last of my pictures from my camera.

These are some pictures taken in Vidalia, LA on the Mississippi River. Finally the third time I've crossed the river I got to actually see it. The first trip was in the 70's when I was following my now exhusband to Tennessee. He was driving the Uhaul and I was following in the car. He managed to cross the river during the 5pm rush hour and there was so much traffic I was afraid to look away from the truck for fear I would lose him. The second time was on this trip when Carole and I missed the turn to the campground in Vadalia Lousiana because it was dark and we ended up crossing the river to Natchez MS and ended up spending the night in a parking lot in front of an Office Depot. Was actually a great place to stay; well lit and some grass for the dogs and we were the only ones there. On the way back I found the campground in Vidalia right on the Mississippi river and we spent the night. Had Carole take a picture of me and the dogs in front of the river so I could say "I've seen the Mississippi." Don't know what the big deal is tho, its just a wide very muddy, river. Couldn't get the song "Old Man River" out of head for days.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Florida and Back

Carole and I went to Florida for a GTG with some of the gals from the RV forum. It was four nights on the road, going and coming on Hwy 84 which had no reststops or pullovers. The road was really good but thank God for old closed gas stations. We were supposed to stay in Valdalia LA but I missed the turn and ended up crossing the Mississippi river after dark and so we ended up staying in the parking lot at an Office Depot. Was well lit and very quiet and the price was right.

We had a blast with all the girls from the forum. It was the coldest Florida had seen in about forty years - one night was 17 degrees. We did have a BIG fire a couple of nights and sat outside - at least one side of you was warm. I got to give quite a few Flamingo wine glasses out this time.