Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rubber Knees

Okay, this morning I put the bike on the car's bike rack and drove down to the little park by the river. They have a paved bike path that run for miles along side the river and its pretty level. I went for about a 2 mile ride - 1 miles out and 1 mile back to car. That' the most exercise I've gotten since I got to Douglas. Can't ride around the park as its not very level and there's lots of pea gravel. There were some kind white flowers blooming by the river and they really perfumed the air. Have to say by the time I got home the knees felt like rubber and I needed an ice cold tea and a nap.

It has been warm enough to go in the pool but every time I go there are a hundred screaming, splashing kids and the pool isn't all that big.

I'm beginning to look forward to leaving. I've seen the three tourist things they have here and I have to say the most exciting was when Patty and I got off onto that back country "road". I'm just waiting for the weather to hopefully cool down in Kerrville.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Patty's Visit

Yesterday we went to the Railroad Museum and the Pioneer Museum; back to the RV to walk the dogs then on to Ayers Natural Bridge. One picture is Patty in front of the original RV - a pioneer wagon. The other photo is the ceiling and lights in an old railroad car - pretty fancy.

Today we started out for Fort Fetterman. Golly Garmin told us to turn left but I knew better and turned right. It recalculated and I turned onto I-25 instead of continuing on for about a block to turn onto the correct road. So, now we're on I-25 and we turn off at the exit it tells us to and onto a dirt road. Not so bad. We kept driving and the road kept getting more narrow. Now there are big ruts in the now one-lane road and I'm having to drive way over to avoid high-centering poor Sally Saturn. We stop to take a picture of a herd of antelope that appear to never have seen humans before as they're all staring at us. We keep going. Now you can barely see the road; the ruts are deeper and the grass is getting higher and higher. Doesn't appear to have been any traffic on this "road" for a looooong time. Golly Garmin tells us to continue on the "road" (no name - just road). Okay, now we can see a highway way off to our right but can we get there or is the road going to end or will we come to a fence with a locked gate. At this point I'm ready to cut the fence down. Not sure how far we actually travelled on this road but we finally came to two-lane dirt road that takes us to Highway 59 - the highway we would have been on if I had continued one block further than where we turned onto Hwy 25. Now Patty can't say I don't show her a good time and a lot of scenery.