Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sophie's New Job

Got pretty much set up yesterday. My awning and my Flamingos are out so I'm officially "here". Sophie has a new job - official greeter. She takes her work very seriously and is a real hit in the campground. Got the dog pen all set up so all the puppies can spend some time outside without being on a leash. Got the car washed and went to the chiropractor so am all ready to start work today. I'll probably collapse right after work - between the altitude here (6,000 ft) and sitting around all winter I imagine working will really kick my butt.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deming New Mexico

Got to Deming yesterday about 4pm which was 5pm to me since I was still on Central time. When I was checking in the lady started to put me in an end site - telling me to just make a tight U-turn to pull into it. Told her I couldn't make that tight a turn and she informed me there was plenty of room. I walked to the site and sure enough, there was no way I could have gotten into it with her directions. I get so frustrated with people giving directions that apparently don't RV. She then moved me to another site. As you can see from the photos the park is pretty empty so where does she put the next person to come in?

They have one site with really nice landscaping, think its a host site. There was still once cactus in full bloom. Cactus may be kinda ugly most of the time but when they bloom, they sure make up for it. Will get to Silver City in about an hour and start setting up. Glad the drive is over.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting out of Texas

Now I remember how much I HATE to drive thru West Texas. The rest stops are never where you need them and its hours to the one you need when you're tired. I seem to forget just how boring driving thru West Texas really is!!!!!!Why oh why didn't my daughter stay in Arizona?

Sophie is a really good RV traveler and potties on command almost as fast as my two other guys.

I'm in Deming NM at the Little Vineyard RV park which is basically a parking lot altho they do have a great, heated indoor pool which I'm way to tired to use tonight.

Am worried about my car. I think I "might" have driven about 200 miles with it in "drive" instead of "neutral". Will find out tomorrow when I unhitch if I did any damage. Talked to my mechanic today and he said I "might" not have done damage. Again, that's what happens when someone is talking to you when you're doing your hitching up. All my neighbors came by as I was hooking up to say goodbye and I got distracted. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the Road to Silver City

Well I decided to hit the road a day early to avoid possible rain Wednesday in Kerrville. I really need to start looking at not only where I am but where the weather is coming from. I ended up driving into the weather which turned out to be only a couple of sprinkles and as usual, lots of wind. I hope that someday before I die, I get to drive 10 west WITHOUT it being windy and blowing me all over the road. I left at 9:30 am and stopped once for the dogs to potty and once to eat lunch. Got to exit 233 at 4:30 and decided to stay the night. My Verizon aircard doesn't work here but there is free wifi with great signal. Posted on the forum and now it is time for my glass of wine. I'm so lucky that all three of my dogs are good travelers. Sophie has this RVing thing down pat - she is almost as fast peeing on command, as Buddy and Sassy. Glad to be back on the road even for only a couple of days.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Port Lavaca GTG

Caravaned with Birdie to Port Lavaca. Spent one night at Goliad State Park - really nice quiet park.

Birdie and I found a big enough area on the beach for all of us so we kind of spread out to hold the site until Diana (Mtngrl), Liz and Yakn1 (Vicki) arrived. Diana had to leave on Friday morning and Sprinter( Sharon) arrived Friday afternoon. Saturday morning we all moved down the beach to a spot where we were all by ourselves. We BBQ'd and had nice fire every evening. Everyone is in love with Sophie and Liz said if anything ever happened to me, she'd take Sophie. I've been doing more walking than I usually do with Birdie and Liz who are walking fools. We're able to park our rigs about 20' from the water and at night you can lay in bed and listen to the waves. Life doesn't get any better than this.