Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birds of Prey visit

My time here in Silver City is coming to an end. I'll be leaving Sept 30th and going to Deming to spend a few days visiting with Marlene. Then I'm off for home. Sure hope it cools off more before I get there. Six months in one place is too long for me. I liked saving money but I've got hitch itch really bad. Am looking forward to December's trip to Gallup NM for the balloon festival.

Over the Labor Day weekend they brought in a falconer and two of his birds; an eagle and a Redtail hawk. They are such beautiful birds. I had a visit from a Roadrunner. Actually there were two of them but they're really fast and I could only get a picture of one of them. We've finally been getting some afternoon thunderstorms and rain, about a month later than normal.