Monday, August 03, 2009

Biker Mama

I've been having back problems and going to the chiropractor every day (sometimes more than once) for a week. I think I've finally got it whipped and feel like I'm back among the living. Thank God I found a good old fashioned chiropractor here in Silver City - no Xrays and zillions of forms to fill out - just a good adjustment.

Finally getting around to posting a picture of me riding behind Dean into Silver City. No problems riding slowly around town however, I didn't really like being on the highway with nothing around me but air. Stopped for a beer at the "biker bar" in town. Now I can cross that off my bucket list. From the picture you sure can't tell I've lost 14 pounds. Trying to lose 20 before I go home.

Other than that not much going on around here - not many RVers coming in even over the 4th of July.