Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wolfsong Sanctuary

Beth and Jean got here yesterday and we went to the Wolfsong Sanctuary. A couple of ladies they met at City of Rocks park joined us. We met up with Dede at a parking lot and she drove us to the Sanctuary up some dirt roads and a creek bed. When you arrive you're met by several of her rescue dogs. She has several fenced areas which separate the different packs. The majority of the wolves are hybrids - rescued from people who think thought they would make good pets - NOT!!!. They are quite tame so Dede can handle them if they need vet treatment. She can tell you the often sad story behind each wolf. She takes you inside one of the enclosures and you can interact with the wolves. Its really awesome to be able to actually pet a wolf. They equate people with treats so are quite friendly. She also has quite a few rescued dogs many of which are up for adoption, some birds and horses. She's pretty isolated out there and often can't get out at all in the winter when the creek is running. When I got home my dogs went crazy sniffing me and were obviously put out that I had been "unfaithful." At the end of the day we sat around my rig and finished off a bottle of mimosas and so early to bed.

Beth and Jean are leaving Tuesday morning and going to the cliff dwellings - I have to work. They're going to Walmart it tonight and I may join them for a glass of wine if they get there early enough.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pinos Altos, New Mexico

Was off work today and the weather was pretty nice with only light wind. Pinos Alto (Big Pines) is only about 6 miles from Silver City just as you start up into the Pinos Altos Mountains. Its an old mining town settled in the early 1800's. Its not a ghost town as people still live there. I toured the old museum, bought a zia (sun) wall plaque for the RV and had coffee in the ice cream parlor. Spent about an hour talking to a retired man who had lived his entire life in the area. Got my first hummingbird this morning. Its been so windy here that Freddy the Flamingo has been spending more time inside with me than outside being a windsock. I have, over the years, planted so many California poppy seeds only to have them not even come up and here was a bunch growing in the crack of a step. I then went through the old cemetery.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Mexico Sunset

Yesterday was a beautiful day with very little wind. We had a typical New Mexico sunset. Have all my birdfeeders put out including my hummingbird feeder. Can hardly wait for Beth and Jean to get here Sunday.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

All settled in

Today was really nice, sunny and no wind. They've finished part of my fence so I have some nice privacy and can get my bird feeders put up. I've got all the chairs out and the wine is cooling for Beth and Sparkle to arrive Sunday. The owners, Jackie and Jim, are really nice and keep saying how glad they are to have me. My back is still killing me but that's what I get for sitting around all winter doing nothing. I'm still feeling the altitude but that will be okay after some time. I'm having trouble actually getting in my three hours a day since its still the slow season but Jackie and Jim are really nice about it. The flamingos are all out and they do make people stop and talk to me and they ask about my RV Women flag. I do love the hours - no early mornings.

They have a big fenced area for the dogs with some agility equipment which my dogs want NO PART of. There are so many good smells they won't even play ball. I tried - I threw the ball and I went to get the ball. After doing this several times I decided I didn't want to play ball anyway.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Old Silver City, New Mexico

Today was not so windy so I drove into the old section of Silver City. Its a very artsy community with lots of art galleries. I love the way they've painted up some of the old buildings. You get the feel of a kind of left-over hippy community. The curbs are really, really high. If you fell off you could kill yourself. I was told it was to keep the shops from getting flooded when it rain. It must rain like the very devil when it does rain here. The only thing I bought was a frig magnet - you'll see why.