Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Afternoon Storms

The days have finally turned sunny and warm. The wind is still blowing and every afternoon it clouds up and we get a thunderstorm. Sometimes with rain and sometimes with only the lightening in the sky. I did manage to get some great pictures of the sky. Its so weird that if you look out one side of the RV you see some blue sky and sun then look out the other side and see rain, wind and hail. I thought Texas weather was strange but I think Wyoming has it beat.

I got a camp host job at Schreiner Park in Kerrville for September and October. Am beginning to look forward to going home. There's just not much to do here so I am still painting my cupboards in the RV.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost Springs - Population One

Took off this morning to go to Lost Springs, population one. Never realized how much coal Wyoming produces. There are a lot of coal trains that seem to go on forever.

Got to Lost Springs after about a 45 minute drive through no scenery whatsoever. The Post Office/Antique store was open but the bar was closed. Asked if she might open today and the man at the store said he doubted it. Asked him if there was a cemetary and he directed me about eight miles down Big Muddy Road (yes, that's the actual name) which was a gravel road. After about five miles I turned down a dirt road out in the middle of no where with not even a house around. I finally gave up and turned around without ever finding the cemetary. I was afraid it might rain since there was a really big black cloud moving towards me and I don't think my poor Saturn would handle a muddy, dirt road.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Surprise Visit

Was working at the registration desk yesterday when this little lady walks up with her husband and says, "Hi, I'm Carold". Was one of the gals from the Women's RVing Forum. They had come for the night to visit with me. Great fun!!! Carol came over with her glass of wine after they got their rig settled into their site. We yakked and yakked. She checked out my rig and I walked over and checked out her's. I loved her colors of taupes and browns and especially their new vinyl flooring that looks like wood. She loved my big bedroom. They left this morning and the weather was sunny and only slightly windy so I decided to drive to Esterbrook. Fixed a sandwich and packed it and a beer in ice and took off. Got about 17 miles up the road and it was closed from the flooding. Turned around and decided to go to Ayres Natural Bridge. Beautiful spot you would never suspect. You drive down a rather narrow road into a little valley and there it is surrounded by huge red rocks and lots of trees. Its one of the few natural bridges in the world that have water actually flowing under it. It used to be a safe haven for whites from the Indians because the story says an Indian brave was killed by lightening there so they thought there was an evil spirit residing under the bridge. If the whites could make it to the bridge they were safe. As usual when there are red rocks involved I took way too many pictures. Ate my lunch there then drove back to the RV for my afternoon nap.